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Sharing Memories of Lee Ann Kennedy
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Without a doubt, Miss Kennedy is one of my all time favorite teachers. She was fun, but also serious about teaching you how to sing and use your diaphram! I remember standing, singing something in class, and she came from behind me and mashed my stomach telling me to sing from there. Almost scared me to death. The trips to state contest, the album she made for us when we were freshmen....those are things I will never forget.

~Peggy Clark Smith~

So late on this, but I too have fond recollections of Ms. Kennedy. We sang Supercalafragulisticexpialadosis! I always thought she was very elegant.

~Terisa Washington Wilson~

Although I was in the NHS Class of �71, I was in 7th grade when you were a freshman at West. I, too, have fond memories of learning to stand up straight, don�t lock your knees, and sing from my diaphragm. Fond memories of singing the Star-Spangled Banner over the intercom in the morning, hardly ever singing the first verse. She always wanted folks to know there were 5 other verses!

I recall making the album, �WOW!� I think I still have it packed away somewhere. �Cool Water� was my favorite, of course.

She brought some discipline to my life, and made me a better singer than I thought I could ever be.

Thank you, Miss Kennedy!

~Mike Pitman~




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