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Mr. Griffin was driving us to a wrestling tournament in Duncan. I was in the car with Mr. Griffin, Steve Bitman and Andrew Charles. We were all trying to make weight and had not eaten in three days (exaggeration necessary for the story). We were all complaining about how hungry we were but could not eat until we weighed-in at the tournament. Well, Mr. Griffin thought our plight was amusing. So, he pulled into a KFC, orded a box of fried chicken, and ate it in the car while he drove the rest of the way to Duncan. He thought that was real funny. Btw, the other drivers ed teacher was Wray Littlejohn, one of my all-time favorie people.

~John Ryan~

I have NEVER forgotten Mr. Griffin, although (mostly) the antics I remember were more funny than mean.

If we would pull over the crosswalk, he would open his door, lean ALL the way out, and yell to whoever was under the car, "DON'T WORRY, OLD LADY, WE'LL BE OFF YOUR WHEELCHAIR IN JUST A MINUTE."


I remember once when I was driving he saw a policeman walking down the street. He rolled down the window and yelled to him at the top of his voice, "HEEEEEELP!!!"

We didn't like him much, but I was ROTFL for years just thinking of him. Especially when I stopped at a crosswalk.

~Danny Horwitz~


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