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Norman High School
Class of 1969

Jackson Elementary School

520 S Wylie Rd
Norman, OK 73069

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1st grade - 1957-1958

2nd grade - 1958-1959

3rd grade - 1959-1960

4th grade - 1960-1961

5th grade - 1961-1962

6th grade - 1962-1963

Mrs. Daugherty

6th grade - 1962-1963

Mrs. Ann Dow - 6th grade

Bottom Row:
Grady Reynolds, Kenny Sanders, Trudy Brown, Linda Hare, Alea Curtis, Michelle Cooley, Pam O'Rourke, Mike Hardwick, Freddy Barton

2nd row:
Bobby Greenwood, Greg Weimar, Randy Parsons, John Silman, Glenda Sims, Lynna Coley, Taylor Dorsett, Tom Reikowsky, Moen Burton, Brenda Dyer

3rd row:
Mrs. Ann Dow, Maurice Cunningham, Sherry Clark, Sara Kimbrell, Jackie Newman, Deborah Moore, Terry Perkins, Debby Witt, Andrea Davis, Lonnie Milburn, Wilson Steen, Tom Foster, Mr. Hardisty, Principal

6th grade Chorus - 1962-1963

Mrs. Annie Lee McCoy - 6th grade

Bottom Row:
Barbara Withrow, Gary Adams, Steven Campbell, Anne Sneed, Sheryl Autry, Edith Rodolph, Gerald Cummings, Cindy Clark, Ronnie Powell

2nd row:
Kim Ross, Kathy Reynolds, Debbie Cole, Sylvia Kuhlo, Cene Simpson, Glenna Christianson, Nancy Petty, Martha Pearson, Sice Sublett, Susan Carter, Terry Lowry

3rd row:
Bruce Remy, Jeanne Burgess, Bobby Sorrels, Jim Sawyer, John O'Hara, Ed Fulmer, Brady Husky, Rigby Stults, Sid Williams, Brian Middleton

6th grade Chorus - 1962-1963

Mrs. Ruth Atkins - 6th grade chorus

Bottom Row:
John Silman, Steven Compbell, Ronnie Powell, Theck Laird, Grady Reynolds, Mike Spake, Mike Hardwick, Bobby Greenwood, Thomas Foster, Taylor Dorsett, Kenneth Hartman

2nd row:
Lindsay Bailey, David Russell, David Warren, Mark Andruss, David McCray, Reed Coble, Steve Holliday, Hi Downing, David Perot, Kelly Crumpley

3rd row:
Anne Sneed, Cathy Gesin, Holly Fritch, Linda Hare, Cathy Donaghe, Michelle Cooley, Lynna COley, Nancy McCraw, Cindy Clark, Alea Curtis, Alice Ralph, John Ryan, Gerald Cummings

4th row:
Sherry Clark, Brenda Dyer, Pam O'Rourke, Susan Mount, Moen Burton, Jeffra McInturff, Nancy Clark, Debbie Reynolds, Kathy Reynolds, Martha Pierson, Sheryl Autry, Sylvia Kuhlo, Sue Sublett, Mrs. Atkins

5th row:
Barbara Withrow, Glenda Sims, Libby Baker, Jamie Edgar, Nickie Stuard, Maurice Cummingham, Andrea Davis, Terry Perkins, Edie Wolf, Cynthia Clark, Terry Jones, Elizabeth Scow, Kathy Spence

6th row:
Debby Witt, Edie Rodolph, Sara Kimbrell, Sandy Wheeler, Jackie Newman, Jeanne Burgess, Debby Moore, Cene Simpson, Glynda Coleman, Katherine Holland, Patti O'Dell, Deborah Logan

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